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Dakota Fanning Stills

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A Dakota Fanning stills icontest


Welcome to dfanning_stills - an icontest community for the lovely dakota fanning. Each week there will be a new contest posted using HQ photos for you, the members, to create into icons. At the end of the week, voting will be posted. Once the voting time limit is reached, the winners will be announced. Also, at the end of each month, we will have an icon of the month contest. We hope you join us. Good luck to all who participate!


- you must be a member to enter and/or vote.
- all icons must be new & made by you!
- animated icons are not allowed.
- icons must fit the LJ standard.
- do not post your icons anywhere else until the challenge is over.
- post your entries in a comment to the challenge post. include the IMG & URL.
- most importantly, have fun & enjoy yourself!

- mods are onlyalive8, fragiledelirium, & ceinwen92